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Anti Dengue Day i-e 27th July 2019 celebrated at Lodhran District.
Deputy Commissioner Lodhran, Rao Imtiaz Ahmad, DPO Lodhran and heads of different departments participated in walk.
Rao Imtiaz Ahmad, Deputy Commissioner, Lodhran started the plantation campaign after planting a plant at old Municipal Stadium, Lodhran.
New service of Rescue 1122 at Tehsil Kehror Pakka, inaugurated by Rao Imtiaz Ahmad, Deputy Commissioner, Lodhran on 17.01.2019 in the presence of  Nawab Amanullah, Dr. Sher Muhammad Awan, Rana Ejaz Ahmad Noon and others.
Canal View Park After Rehabilitation.
Canal View Park has been rehabilitated and inaugurated by Rao Imtiaz Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner, Lodhdran. 
Monthly progress review meeting, held on 13.12.2018 at 04:00 PM, under the chairmanship of Mr. Imran Sikandar Balooch, Commissioner Multan Division, Multan at Committee Room of DC Office, Lodhran
Anti corruption walk lead by Rao Imtiaz Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner, Lodhran to create awareness against corruption among the masses.
DC & DPO Lodhran visited the sensitive polling stations of District Lodhran
DC  Visited DHQ Hospital Lodhran dated 22.06.2018
Tick Control Activities in District Lodhran 
Flag Hoisting Ceremony on 14h August 2017
Cultural Night on 14th August 2017
Fire Works on 14th August 2017
Horse Dance on 14th August 2017
Kabaddi Match on 14th August 2017 
Mehfil–Mushaira on 14th August 2017
DC Lodhran on Speech competition during 14th August Celebration 2017 
Commissioner Multan Visited Ramzan Bazaar Lodhran
DC Lodhran chaired meeting regarding Population Census 2017
DC Lodhran inaugrates the enrollment campaign in District Lodhran
DC Lodhran distribution cheques between Minorties
Inaugration of Khadime Punjab Zawar-e-Taleem program in District Lodhran
Khidmat Cad distribution ceremony at DC office Lodhran 
Deputy Commissioner chair review meeting of Health Department 
Minister of Livestock Asif Saeed Manais distributing sheeps and goat among needy women in District Lodhran  
Distribution of Cheques to the parents of children of Railway Crossing accident  by Raja Khurram Shehzad Umar, DC, Lodhran, Malik Muhammad Salman Mangla, Ameen Punjab Bait-ul-Maal and Tahir Ameer Ghori District President PMLN, Lodhran on 06-03-2017 at Moza Kondi. This is the initiative of Ameen Punjab Bait-ul-Maal.
Training on Population Census 2017
Deputy Commissioner Lodhran chaired a high level meeting to discuss various issues
During distribution of Motorcycle keys among winners
Polio Campaign in District Lodhran
Deputy Commissioner inaugrate the Science Exhibition 2017 in LPS, Lodhran
Oath taking ceremony of public representative of District Lodhran
DCO  inaugrated newly constructed boundary wall of District Accounts Office, Lodhran
Quran khawani for the  martyr of Army Public School Peshawar organized by Education Department, Lodhran
Meeting of Revenue Department regarding recoveries/issues
Celebrating Human Rights Day 10th December 2016
Congo Control Activity at Ward No.8 Lodhran
& EDO(CD) plant a tree in DO(Social Welfare) Office Lodhran
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DCO Lodhran took oath from Contractors
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DCO Lodhran participated the Ceremony at Lodhran Public School, Lodhran.
imgp6761 imgp6759 imgp6758Road Safety Walk organised by National Highway & Motorway Police District Lodhran
imgp6723 imgp6726 2
Organized School Council Models Competition in District Lodhran
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DCO Lodhran is presiding over a meeting of District Agriculture Advisory Committee on 08.11.2016
img-20161111-wa0001 img-20161111-wa0002 img-20161111-wa0003 img-20161111-wa0004 img-20161111-wa0005 img-20161111-wa0006 img-20161111-wa0007
DCO Lodhran chairing  Agricultural consultative meeting
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Distribution of Wheat between farmers by Abdul Rehman Kanju MNA NA-155 with DCO and  EDO(Agri) Lodhran
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Wheat Technology Training at Kehrorpacca
img-20161027-wa0000 img-20161027-wa0001 img-20161027-wa0002
Dhood Conference 2016 held at Lodhran on 24.10.2016. worthy District Coordination Officer, Lodhran, Director Livestock Multan Division, Multan, Executive District Officer, Agriculture, Lodhran and 278 livestock farmers  participated in the conference.
District Coordination Committee Meeting dated 22.10.2016
District Lodhran gain top six position in timely completion of Development schemes, improvement of Education and other departments. It happened due to the dedication of District Coordination Officer, Lodhran and other officers of the District.


Pak-China Friendship Rally Cross District Lodhran

img-20161021-wa0006-1 img-20161021-wa0006 img-20161021-wa0007

DCO  chairing a meeting of Anti Drug Committee Meeting in DHQ Hospital Lodhran

imgp6018 imgp6024 imgp6025Celebrating World White Stick Day for Special Children by Social Welfare Department, Lodhran


World Food Day 16th October 2016

imgp5963 imgp5966-1 imgp5966Prize distribution Ceremony on the eve of Teacher’s Day 5th October 2016

imgp5883 imgp5885 imgp5886 imgp5887 imgp5888 imgp5889 imgp5890 imgp5867 imgp5868 imgp5870 imgp5872 imgp5873 imgp5874Balloting of distribution rust free wheat seed in mouzah Sikandar Wala, Sandhi Wala, Goudhi, and Googran District Lodhran

img-20161006-wa0000 img-20161006-wa0001 img-20161006-wa0003 img-20161006-wa0004 img-20161006-wa0005 img-20161006-wa0006 img-20161006-wa0007 img-20161006-wa0008 img-20161006-wa0009 img-20161006-wa0010-1 img-20161006-wa0010DCO, Lodhran chairing Aman Committee meeting to be held on 29.9.2016

imgp5825 imgp5828 imgp5833 imgp5834 imgp5836Inauguration ceremony of E-Stamp papers in District Lodhran by PITB, Punjab, Lahore

imgp5790 imgp5812 imgp5813 imgp5794 imgp5801 imgp5806DCO with DPO Lodhran addressing the local Representatives in Zila Council Hall Lodhran

imgp5726 imgp5729 imgp5732 imgp5733

District Coordination Committee meeting held on 21-09-2016 under the chairmanship of Adbur Rehman Khan Kanju, MNA NA-155 at Committee Room of DCO Office, Lodhran.

imgp5697 imgp5699 imgp5704 imgp5707 imgp5708 imgp5711

A meeting to review Polio arrangements held under the chairmanship of Muhammad Shahid Niaz, DCO, Lodhran on 20-09-2016 at Committee Room of DCO Office, Lodhran.


EDO (Agri) with DO and Dy. DO(Agri) Lodhran are monitoring soil sampling campaign on 19.09.2016

img-20160920-wa0000 img-20160920-wa0002 img-20160920-wa0003 img-20160920-wa0005 img-20160920-wa0006 img-20160920-wa0007Balloting of Agriculture implements on 8th September of 2016 at TMA, Hall, Lodhran.


Ikramullah Khan, District and Session Judge, Lodhran, Muhammad Shahid Niaz, DCO, Lodhran and Asad Sarfraz Khan, DPO, Lodhran in the opening Ceremony of Dispensary at District Bar Association, Lodhran.




DIC Meeting of PiPIP

Muhammad Shahid Niaz, DCO, Lodhran is presiding D.I.C Meeting of PiPIP Project OFWM.

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